About Us


DELLTY Group is one of the leading cosmetic packaging suppliers in China. We are not only a manufacturer but also provide customers with a series of cosmetic solutions, whether it is "stock" needs to meet your immediate needs, or "customized projects with functional requirements" project.


Our Strength

With 28 years of production and sales experience, we have established long-term and in-depth cooperative relationships with a large number of companies, brands, and distributors. Therefore, we can not only create high-quality cosmetic containers that customers are looking for but also provide customers with more comprehensive and complete cosmetic solutions.such as customized services, design services, photography services, information services, transportation services, customs clearance services and a series of services,Provide customers with complete cosmetic solutions.

I believe that you will get the perfect business cooperation experience with us while also addressing your specific needs.

DELLTY Group was established in the summer of 1994.At that time, we established Zhejiang Huangyan JZT Plastic Factory,focusing on the production of daily necessities and cosmetics packaging.

Factory area
Injection molding machines
+ sets
Various production equipment

We put a lot of time and energy into the innovative development, production and improvement of our products. Such as Pump Dispensers, Mist pumps, plastic caps, Trigger sprayers, etc.


Because we know that the continuous pursuit of perfect products is the most solid foundation for us as an industrial enterprise to provide customers with the strongest support.


In 2020, we decided to establish our own brand DELLTY, Based on our deep foundation in this industry for many years, we began to integrate upstream and downstream supply chain resources. We hope that the product is the cornerstone and the brand is the carrier to provide customers with good products and more diverse services. While learning from the example of the manufacturing industry, we are constantly moving closer to and surpassing better companies.

It is hoped that it can not only solve the product needs of large and medium-sized enterprises, but also provide more comprehensive cosmetic services, and undertake the responsibility and pursuit of bringing people a beautiful, healthy, and environmentally friendly life. If there is a chance to be a role model for others, I think it will be our honor.


Our Services

In the process of cooperation with customers, we will provide the following services:

Pre-sale for product

• We provide presales service in various forms, for example, design proofing and open mold of the products according to the customer needs, provide the Logo Printing as clients' requirements, etc.
• Send the samples to the clients as a reference
• Investment budgeting: We provide services of product profit analysis, recommendation of products, and relevant budgeting.

In-sale for product

• Detailed design and technological process of products
• Schedule design, manufacturing, and shipping
• Develop related products to match each product as clients' requirements
• Working & Producing progression

After-sale for product

• We will answer the customer's question in time. If needed, we will offer online assistance.
• We will keep the sample of the products so that clients can order and change this model of products again.
• We can provide free guidance if customers need a new design, add or rebuild products.
• We will provide samples of new series of products for the former customers.

More service

•We not only provide customers with products, on this basis, but we can also provide customized services, design services, photography services, information services, transportation services, customs clearance services, and a series of services, Provide customers with complete cosmetic solutions.